Guns, laws and the reality

Virtually every adult in the Aurora, CO, in the theater had the same gun-owning rights or privileges as James Holmes, the shooter.  On that tragic night, each of those adults could have been armed and used his or her gun in self-defense.  Not a single one did.  Whether it is because they didn’t own a gun, they didn’t have the gun with them, or they never had a chance to pull it – the reality is that owning guns for self-defense is an NRA fueled myth aimed to sell more guns.  Society gets little or no self-defense benefit from guns.

For every grandmother who scares off an intruder by waving a gun, there is another who loses their gun to theft, a child who shoots himself or a friend with dad’s gun, an angry argument that ends in a shooting, …


~ by mz on July 22, 2012.

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