A Jobs Agenda – By Kevin D. Williamson – The Corner – National Review Online

A Jobs Agenda – By Kevin D. Williamson – The Corner – National Review Online.


In response to a commenter (Marc Schriftman) who wrote, “Everyone here seems entirely to have conflated Wall Street with Capitalism“, I replied:


Right on.  Pure Capitalism doesn’t rely on lobbyists and bribing politicians.  Companies don’t have to shirk their social responsibilities, so that they don’t have to pick up and go elsewhere looking for new employees and new customers.


People like Mr. Williamson love to criticize the performance of services that they’ve spent a lifetime trying to weaken and tear down.  A better public education system, helps Capitalism by providing better employees.  Surely he’s still lucid enough to remember how our own educated Americans created the computer and Internet revolutions, before being cast aside and their jobs given to better educated Indians and Chinese.


Similarly, as an employer, I would love to see the government pick up and do things that are not core to my business.  I shouldn’t be in the business of providing health care, nor retirement.  Chinese companies don’t because China does.  Chinese companies pass that savings along in their pricing.  Does it not serve Capitalism well to have companies do things that they are “insanely great” at, rather than spend time and resources on providing a retirement plan that won’t go down with the next Wall Street scandal?


~ by mz on October 6, 2011.

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