Update: Canon 5D can do beautiful HD video. Why?!?

I’m posting these photos as follow-up to my previous post, and further proof that for the majority of people out there, using SLRs to get HD video is silly/awkward/not-worth-it.

Why are these gadgets needed?

– to let you zoom, focus and hold the camera at the same time

– make zooming as smooth as it has been on motion cameras such as old as Super8 or the latest DV cameras

– to move the microphone away from the lens so you don’t hear the IS or the autofocus mechanism


This just goes to show that people want:

– one great camera for both photo & video

– better lenses for video, or at least to be able to share the $1000+ cost of good lenses with their video cameras


Unfortunately these lenses are not designed for the HD frame size, and there is too much glass that is going to waste (not to mention pixels on the CMOS sensor)…


~ by mz on January 26, 2011.

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