Illegal Aliens or Terrorists?

They crossed over the border on foot.  Unlike the undoubtedly many others who had managed to pull such a stunt, they got detained by the border patrol.  At first, due to the color of their skin (and their clothes), it was assumed that they were not the usual undocumented migrant worker.  Later, when their nationality was known, they were labeled as spies and terrorists.  Right wing factions wanted them interrogated (using any means possible), and then locked up, with the key tossed away – after all, they were a threat to National Security and the homeland.  The liberals meekly suggested that these were innocent adventurers and should be treated with respect and dignity, and yes, swiftly returned to their nation.

The right wing ridiculed the “hiking tourist” explanation, cited terror attacks, the conspiracy of one religion to wipe out another, and God, as an excuse to treat these detainees as enemy combatants – undeserving of any rights.  The right wing also seized the opportunity to attack the left, calling them enemy sympathizers and weak on the war, going even as far as accusing the left of being hateful of the homeland, and pining for its destruction.

The right wing, whether here or there, both operate the same way, using the same tactics, slogans and excuses.  This was just the sad story of Joshua Fattal, Sarah Shourd, and Shane Bauer, three Americans detained in Iran for an illegal border crossing.


~ by mz on October 19, 2009.

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