Canon EOS 5D Mk III – My wishlist

Having played with the EOS 5D Mk II for over two months now, I am starting my wishlist for the successor to the 5D MkII.

  1. Name: Call it the 6D or the 4D not the 5D Mk III or the 5D MkIIs.  I realize that you have painted yourself into a corner with the past decade’s of digital camera naming, but it is time to break with the madness.  Or maybe it is time to drop the D?  Call the next camera the 5-III?
  2. The camera strap attachment point is lame.  Anyone with a lens bigger than an 85mm will notice that the camera wants to hang with the lens pointing downward not out, and the camera strap is stressed in that position.  The old-fashioned swivel attachment points would work better.
  3. A rubber eyepiece cover?  Are you kidding me?  You can’t go back to some of your older designs with a small lever next to the eyepiece that would block light from entering the eyepiece?  Come on Canon!
  4. Do NOT add any more megapixels!  Focus on making the camera better without adding power and memory hogging megapixels.  For now, 21MP is plenty.  Instead, give me 10 fps shooting rates.  Noiseless 5 digit ISOs.  Some real programming in Tv and Av (and M).
  5. When I use the camera attached to a computer, let the USB connection provide the power to the camera too.  Maybe this means replacing the USB or adding FireWire order to have the right voltage to power the camera.  Also nice would be charging the camera using the same connection.  That means I would only need one cable when I go on a trip with my computer and camera, and I can skip the camera’s charger.
  6. When I select Custom White Balance, have the camera ask if I want to take a picture in order to set the WB.  If I respond affirmatively, then the next picture I take is used to set the Custom WB.  Conversely, if you select a Custom WB photo via the menu, and select a photo, then don’t force me to select Custom under the WB setting too – do it for me!
  7. Build the Wireless Flash Controller right into the body.  There is no reason why the 580 EX and other flashes shouldn’t be controlled by the body without a clunky hot-shoe attachment.  Nikon does it.
  8. Auto-focus during Live View needs much work.  It is currently slow and inaccurate.  In fact, I think Live View needs much work, period.  How about installing a CMOS sensor (a small low-rez one above the pyramid that can split some of the light from the viewfinder to provide LiveView?
  9. I’m not a big fan of the HD video (see my previous post about this).  To make it interesting, how about a slow-motion capture mode?  Or a time-lapse HD video – as in 1 frame per second/minute so you could do a day long time-lapse video in HD?
  10. When taking Manual photos, on Automatic ISO, don’t hold the ISO at 400.  Let me specify an Av and a Tv value, and find the right ISO to make it work – don’t force me to change the ISO from “A”.  If I am determined to shoot at f22 and 1/1000, go ahead and give me ISO 3200, and if I go for f2.8 and 1/60, then give me ISO 100.  As a matter of fact …
  11. … add ISO 25 and lower to the range.  (I have some plans for long exposure daytime shots.)  Otherwise I will have to get a $300 Variable ND filter.
  12. In most modes, let me specify preferred ranges for the ISO.  Or preferred Av or TV ranges.  Why?  I might want depth-of-field, but not at the price of an underexposed shot.  So let me specify a range of, say, f22-f8, favoring f22, and if the setting permits, shoot at f22.  If not, go as far up as f8.  Or maybe I want a high-speed action shot.  I want the fastest Tv possible, but not any lower than 1/500, and certainly not at the expense of DoF or noisy high ISO settings.  This would help if I wanted to combine a high-speed shot with depth-of-field.
  13. If you’re going to give me a battery grip, then why not give me extra storage at the same time too?  Make the battery group handle extra CF cards.  And with the battery grip, I expect the fps on continuous shots to go up to by a few shots per second.
  14. To help me level a tripod, can I have a built-in motion sensor so the camera could display a bubble level on the LCD?  Something in the camera already detects its orientation – why not use that to drive an electronic bubble level?
  15. I think I would prefer having two Date/Time values stored with photos, a UTC one and one adjusted for a set time-zone.

15 items.  For now.

Thanks Canon!


~ by mz on February 26, 2009.

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