Canon Powershot G12 – What I’d like to see in that camera…

Given that Canon is probably well-along on developing the successor to the Canon Powershot G10 (the G11 I presume), I thought I would go ahead and outline my thoughts for what I would like to see in the next camera, the G12.

  1. Move the circular controls on the back to a different spot.  When held, and due to a lack of a grip, that control is inadvertently pressed by the palm of the hand.  I often find that the size and quality settings get changed while simply holding the camera.  I don’t have unusually large hands, but I do find that the grip is too small for my grip.
  2. Get rid of the electronic zoom and replace it with a manual zoom, controlled by the left hand.  The zoom is too slow and the other hand could do a better job of zooming while the trigger finger is ready to take the shot – besides, using the trigger finger for zooming and shooting isn’t very usable.  Of course manual focus would be a nice addition, but I’d like manual zoom more.
  3. Do Not Add More Mega-pixels!  At least not until you can speed up the camera, from the autofocus to the shot-to-shot delay.
  4. Allow power to be provided to the camera via the USB connection.  Being able to charge the battery through the USB connection would be also great as it means that I can leave the charger at home if I happen to have a computer handy, or a small USB charger or car adapter.

~ by mz on January 20, 2009.

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