Is the iPod Touch the better alternative to [PSP | Nintendo DS | …]?

With iPod Touches going for $200-$400, is there any point in purchasing a different portable gaming platform for the kids?With built-in, native, web browsing (WiFi), e-mail and IM, support for uploaded video, YouTube downloading, a great MP3 player, plus hundreds of good free games, and many other games priced under $10, it seems that the iPod Touch is a much more attractive product than any other.  I particularly like the fact that the kids would have the option of doing more than just playing games, from accessing Wikipedia, to sending me email to possibly having their own blog…

Well, maybe the iPod Touch isn’t as robust as a DS.  Any other reasons why one should consider a different handheld gaming console?


~ by mz on November 18, 2008.

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