Palin 2012.

Huh? Does she, or anyone, anyone in their right mind, think that Sarah Palin has a chance at running for president in 2012?

If so, then these people have not been paying attention. Sarah Palin has turned out to be a huge liability for John McCain. She might have been his biggest liability, if the economy didn’t surface many others. 

Now, I don’t want to be presumptuous here, but let’s assume that Obama wins this election. By 2010, the Republican party will have had enough time to realize that their candidate will have to be someone who actually understands and represents the ideals of the Republican party and not just an iconic facade that is shallow, hollow and vacuous. The Republican party has, and in the next few years, will have more candidates with rich intellect, character and experience. I doubt that the party will pass them over again. Sarah Palin may have been a great idea when one’s sniffing glue, but one may wish to sober up when making the selection for 2012. And I am talking to all you out there who still think that Palin is “qualified” to be the VP.

And to those of you who are wondering what to do now that the job market is so tight: Go North young American. It’s pretty easy to get a comfortable “executive” position in Alaska, as long as you have had more “actual” responsibilities than a mayor of Wassila (attending a Monday staff meeting and signing checks on Thursdays). It shouldn’t be too hard to give Sarah a run for her money and steal the governorship, and who knows, maybe you too can be on the next US presidential ticket.


ps.  And on CNN

pps. Why we can’t stop talking about Palin.


~ by mz on October 27, 2008.

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