My Disappointment with the Republican Convention

Did any of you notice that mention of Climate Change was all but absent during the RNC speeches? There was little said about this issue, an issue that will heavily and painfully impact humanity in this century. Yes, there were mentions of alternative energy, but those were in reference to lowering fuel prices, or reducing independence on foreign fuels (and as a way to justify drilling for more oil) or burning other fossil fuels (burning “clean” carbon still creates CO2).

Already we are seeing reductions, as have been predicted, to the polar ice caps. Water shortages and droughts around the globe, severe weather patterns year after year, should all be tipping us off to the fact that the scientists aren’t wrong (or conspiring to frighten us needlessly). It’s clear to any observer that the impact of storms is more significant each year (ironically the RNC was impacted by one). Denial seems to be the strategy, and we can not let that continue.

Let’s look at the Climate Crisis as a purely statistical event. Virtually all scientists predict that there is a massive crisis headed our way, and it is triggered by the increasing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere (let’s ignore the why for now). Let’s say there is a chance, a probability, a small one, that they are right. Just like there is a chance, a probability, that you may get into a car accident or you may have a fire at your home. Not very likely, yet you still go out and purchase insurance to protect you and your family (and your assets). What we pay, for that insurance, is not an insignificant amount, but we do so to make sure that we are protected, and in case of a severe accident, our children are protected.

We can not afford to neglect the probability of a Climate Crisis, and go uninsured. This planet is our children’s inheritance and it only makes sense to have some insurance so they could live a life as rich as ours.

How do you “procure” this kind of insurance? You elect people who aren’t in denial. You treat the threat of Climate Crisis just as we treat the threat of a communist threat, or a terrorist threat – where we spend over half of all tax revenues and more – and you empower new businesses to blaze the way and create opportunities, and turn Climate Restoration into a lucrative industry, one that can be exported to the world and used as an example for other nations to follow. (Last year one of the new entrants to the Fortune Billionaires list was a Chinese woman whose rag-to-riches story began and continued with her trash recycling business.)

The poorer, less fortunately located people of the world have already seen the impact of this crisis. We see how the ugly side of humanity surfaces, in the form of warlords and bloody dictatorships. What we saw as just movie themes in Mad Max are sadly playing out in Sudan and other African countries. Let’s move the hands of the CO2 clock back in the opposite direction and save them, ourselves and our beloved planet. Don’t vote for denial.


~ by mz on September 5, 2008.

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